Traditional Japanese house

/Traditional Japanese house

Let’s try to stay in Japan

Japan is a very beautiful country filled up with natural beauty. It’s located in the Pacific Ocean east of the Asian continent. Blessed with diverse natural beauty, most of the land is mountainous and there are many swift-flowing rivers. Separated from each other by mountains and the sea, Japan’s many regions over centuries developed their [...]

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Let’s learn about Kyoto’s temple

Located close to Kyoto station are two temples of the Jodo Shin sect, Nishi Honganji and Higashi Honganji, both imposing examples of Buddhist architecture. The Gion Corner near Shijo-Kawaramachi is an excellent place to view traditional arts and traditional theater. Rows of attractively designed old-style restaurants add to the distinctly refined atmosphere. In the Higashiyama [...]

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Let’s learn about Kyoto

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan. Kyoto is very rich in historical sites. It has the prefectural government and its one of Japan’s largest cities. Kyoto is renowned for its fine textile and traditional products and is also a thriving center for industry. Kyoto is a great place to see the historical sites of [...]

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Let’s learn about Tokyo

The capital of Japan is Tokyo. It’s located on the Kanto Plain on the pacific coast of central Honshu. Tokyo is Japan’s economic center; Tokyo hosts the head offices of most large Japanese corporations and media organizations. The area is 2,102 sq km and the population is 12,219,000. Tokyo was known by the name Edo [...]

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Japanese old house

Japan is one of the top most powerful countries in Asia as well as in the world. Japan is the pioneer of the latest cutting edge technology. Japanese society and culture is also very much historically affluent. Now in Japan like you can see the touch of most advanced technology in their society, but you [...]

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UK and Japan

The relation between Japan and United Kingdom is bilateral and diplomatic. The relation between these two countries started long ago. History says, it all began with the arrival of William Adams on shores of Kyushu at Usuki in Oita prefecture. There were no relations between these two nations during the Sakoku period (1641-1853). After the [...]

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France and Japan

The relation between France and Japan is pretty positive and very friendly. These two countries have become very good partners in many works. A Japanese samurai and ambassador stayed in Saint-Tropez while he was on his way to Rome. Since then the relation between France and Japan carried on progressively through many various contacts in [...]

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Do Japanese people always do their work according to their plan?

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. The development has been done by the hard work of the Japanese people. The unity among the people and the cooperation between them on their works is a good reason for the success. To have a civilized and well developed nation, a country must [...]

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On the law in Japan

The constitution of Japan provides that “the whole judicial power is vested in a Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as are established by law.” All courts on all levels are parts of a single system under the soul and complete administration of the Supreme Court. A jury system does not exist. The structure [...]

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Let’s learn about Japanese tax

The major emphasis of the Japanese tax system is on direct taxation, with approximately 60 percent of total tax revenue coming from direct taxes and remaining 40 percent from indirect taxes. The principle direct tax is the national income tax, which can be classified into two categories. The first category being the progressive individual income [...]

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