Japan is one of the top most powerful countries in Asia as well as in the world. Japan is the pioneer of the latest cutting edge technology. Japanese society and culture is also very much historically affluent. Now in Japan like you can see the touch of most advanced technology in their society, but you can also see that they are very conscious of keeping their history and traditional culture safe and active. Japanese old houses are a big part of their culture and history. It represents the beauty of Japanese traditional architecture. Like many of the art and culture of the Japan, it has a widespread history. A Japanese traditional house helps to keep a good connection between people and nature. In old times Japanese house were built in such a way to cope up with the weather, climate change and geographical conditions. The main materials used to build a house in ancient time of Japan were mostly wood, clay, paper, straw etc. Mostly Japanese old houses are wooden. Wood is useful to keep the house cool in hot summer days, and also protects from extreme cold in winter. In the traditional Japanese style house, the furniture is reduced to a minimum and, to solve the storage needs, several spaces are provided, with very particular usages. A Japanese style old house gives a very stunning picture perfect view. For its unique beautiful structural design, its popularity increased both in Japan and outside of Japan. Many foreigners who come to Japan to visit or to stay, they want to stay in a Japanese style house. So the attraction towards the old houses of Japan has increased a lot. Today’s expressive designs and materials may differ from those old style houses from the past, yet the tradition stressing harmony with the nature has continued. Japanese style old houses are found almost in all the prefectures of Japan.