It is almost March, and the strong winds tell us that spring is just around the corner.

A few days ago, the wind was so strong that planes could not land.

I personally cannot wait for the cold days and long nights to end.

Now, pink peach flowers are blossoming, and the scenery in Japan is becoming more colorful.

With the extreme cold winter days almost over, you cannot help but plan your days for the warm season.

Spring is the start of a new fiscal year, and is the symbol of new beginnings. Another year of school starts once again, and new members of society begin full time jobs.

With new people joining schools and companies, Japanese people like to get together and get to know each other during the first few weeks of spring. A common gathering is known as hanami. Hanami is a picnic under fully blossomed cherry (sakura) trees.

If you are in Japan during spring, hanami is definitely an activity that you should do.