Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Every year, the day of love comes during the cold days to remind us that we want to cuddle up with someone.

Japanese people celebrate Valentine’s day, but there are some differences with western cultures.

First of all, people give chocolates, unlike the western custom to give flowers.

Second of all, the girl gives chocolates to the boy. There are many stores that sell special boxes of chocolate during Valentine’s. However, most people make their own chocolate at home and wrap it with cute tin foil and tissue paper. There are recipes all over the internet that tell you how to make great chocolate truffles, cookies, and cakes, so many people make their gifts to show how much people mean to them.

Lastly, people give chocolates not only to their lovers, but also to their friends, work people, and families.

What are you doing for Valentine’s day this year?

If you are not from Japan, why not make chocolates instead.

A heart on the side of a hotel on Valentine's day

A heart on the side of a hotel

A box of chocolates

A box of chocolates