Places to Visit in Japan

//Places to Visit in Japan

Another Winter Road Trip

Just last week, I went on a winter road trip. Again. Japan is home to many volcanic mountains, and so there are plenty of natural hot springs in the country. This time, my friends and I went to one of the most famous and significant onsen areas in Japan; Hakone. Hakone is a place where almost [...]

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Spontaneous Road Trip for the Winter

The cold weather certainly makes you want to stay at home and cuddle up in a ball under the blankets all day. But going out on a winter road trip is a great way to get outside of the house and experience things you can only do in the cold season. My friends and I [...]

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Traveling in Japan

Japan is known for its oriental traditions, original subculture, and beautiful nature. As we get closer to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you might be considering traveling to Japan in the near future. In fact, the number of tourists is rapidly increasing over the past few years, showing how popular a tourist attraction Japan is. Tokyo [...]

Nikko Toshogu

Recently, my friends and I went to Tochigi Prefecture to visit the volunteer group we used to belong to. On our way back, we visited Nikko Toshogu, a famous Shinto shrine in Tochigi. I had always wanted to go to this shrine as it is a World Heritage Site and is historically and culturally valuable. [...]

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Recently I have been going to Omotesando, a lot. Half the week I am there for either work or play. Omotesando is the name of a long street in Shibuya ward, made up of fashionable stores and cafes that leads up to Meiji Shrine. The name “omotesando” actually means the “entrance path.” I love the area [...]

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Autumn Leaves

Autumn is upon us here in Japan, and the relaxing ambience is one of the many reasons I love fall. In Japan, autumn is said to be the perfect time for reading, eating, and sports. I think it is also a great time for traveling. Japan has countless mountains which trees turn a vibrant red [...]

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Okinawa Vacation Part 2

Overview part 2 of my vacation in Okinawa!!!   Day 3 My friends and I wanted a relaxing day at the beach, and we were told by the locals that beaches in the Northern area of Okinawa are the clearest. So we searched for a beach at which we could do marine activities. Usually you have to book [...]

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Okinawa Vacation Part 1

Here is a brief overview of my most recent trip to Okinawa with many pictures!!!   Day 1 After landing at Naha International Airport, we hopped on a bus to a rental store, and rented a car for our trip. We drove to the center of Naha city, the famous avenue known as Kokusai Dori. [...]

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Kamakura: A Town by the Beach

Kamakura is a town in Kanagawa Prefecture. The town faces the ocean and is a popular spot for surfing and swimming. Here I will give some traveling advice and introduce a few of the numerous spots to visit. Kamakura is a popular destination in Japan. It has an ocean suitable for surfing, stylish cafes and [...]

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It’s Summer! Okinawa! Part 2

There are plenty of unique activities to do in Okinawa. Marine activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and canoeing are popular for the beach. If you can rent a bike, cycling along the road and finding new places that are not on guidebooks is a great way to spend time. Driving is the best way [...]

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