Recently I have been going to Omotesando, a lot. Half the week I am there for either work or play.

Omotesando is the name of a long street in Shibuya ward, made up of fashionable stores and cafes that leads up to Meiji Shrine. The name “omotesando” actually means the “entrance path.”

I love the area because it constantly introduces the latest trending foods from other countries. From NY, “Luke’s Lobster,” from Taiwan, “Goncha” (tapioca bubble tea) and “Ice Monster,” from Australia, “Bills” and “Guzman Y Gomez,” and from the UK, “Franze & Evans London.” Popular cafes and restaurants from around the world usually open their first store for Japan in Omotesando. So naturally all the hottest restaurants and cafes gather up here.

Mango flavor (Ice Monster)

Ice Monster, Taiwan

And The Friet

And The Friet, Japan

Franze & Evans London, London

Franze & Evans London, UK

The main road has many stylish modern buildings like Tokyu Plaza, with the iconic mirrored entrance. Inside this shopping mall are fashion stores, beauty and stationary stores, and a few cafes including “Bills” and “Starbucks.” Most shops in these large shopping malls are targeted at women, so if you want to buy men’s clothing, I recommend the shops that fill the back streets of Omotesando.

The back lanes are as fun and interesting as the main street, but have their own distinct vibe. The fashion (especially men’s fashion) is very street but at the same time very chic. The amount of street and chicness differs with each person, which can show his or her personality and style.

Omotesando crossing from above

Omotesando crossing from above

Both the main street and back streets are filled with sophisticated office workers, excited tourists, and fashionable shoppers. Omotesando is already a popular tourist attraction, but if you walk around you will discover fascinating shops and spaces that cannot be found in guidebooks.

Tokyu Plaza's rooftop garden

Tokyu Plaza’s rooftop garden