Kamakura is a town in Kanagawa Prefecture. The town faces the ocean and is a popular spot for surfing and swimming. Here I will give some traveling advice and introduce a few of the numerous spots to visit.

Kamakura is a popular destination in Japan. It has an ocean suitable for surfing, stylish cafes and restaurants, beach houses, and cultural sites. It is one of the towns that face the ocean along the south of Kanagawa Prefecture, which is located under Tokyo. Driving may be the best and most efficient way to get to the town. You can also see the ocean from the road (National Route 134) which makes it the perfect route for a road trip. If you love trains, then you should use the Enoden Line. The retro train is cute, small, and green, and the railroad is built along the coast, so you can see beautiful views of the ocean from the train. Many people find walking around the town a great way to explore the land and find interesting shops and cafes.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Great Buddha of Kamakura. The bronze statue is 13.35 meters high. Unlike the Buddha in Nara Prefecture that sits inside a large building, the Buddha in Kamakura is outside.

The beach is popular throughout the year for surfers. During the long summer vacation, people from all over the Kanto district come to Kamakura to swim in the ocean and tan on the beach. There are also beach houses where you can buy food, have barbeques, get cold drinks, and kakigori. These beach houses are open for about a month when the beaches are the busiest.

There are plenty of shrines to visit within the town. The Tsurugaoka Hachimangu AKA Kamakura Hachimangu is famous for its history and the luck that it brings you. If you are interested, why not experience praying at the shrine? You can also purchase good-luck charms, predict your year with a fortune slip, and buy souvenirs at gift shops.

Komachi Dori is an arcade that connects Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and the East gate of Kamakura station. On weekends and holidays, the 360 meter long arcade is packed with people buying gifts and eating food. Some of the buildings are old-fashioned, so Komachi Dori is a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture.