The relation between Japan and United Kingdom is bilateral and diplomatic. The relation between these two countries started long ago. History says, it all began with the arrival of William Adams on shores of Kyushu at Usuki in Oita prefecture. There were no relations between these two nations during the Sakoku period (1641-1853). After the agreement in 1854, the relationship continued. During the world war two, the relation had a break in that time. But afterward gradually it began to settle down and till now the relation remains very strong between Japan and UK. Now the partnership has developed a lot and Japan is one of the closest partners in Asia for United Kingdom. Japan and the UK are natural friends and partners. The cultural relationship the two countries is a very good one. As democratic countries with mature market economies, both Japan and the UK share similar challenges and can learn from one another. These two countries learn about many different things from each other. In terms of the economy, Japan and UK both countries while seeking to achieve a stable international economic order, are being forced to respond to the remarkable growth of the newly developing countries, and both face the issues , as advanced economic powers, of what sort of economic growth policy to construct. Japan has received considerable assistance from the United Kingdom. In 2008, it was 150th anniversary of the establishment of Japan and the UK relation. There were many events took place focusing on arts, creative industries, and science and innovation. These featured events contributed to enhancing interaction and mutual understanding between the two countries. Japan and the UK are determined to continue working together over this period and beyond towards achieving a peaceful and prosperous world. Japan and UK are natural strategic partners, sharing a common global vision of peace, security and international prosperity based on sustainable development and respect for human rights and the rule of law.