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The interior of traditional Japanese house

Washitsu: Japanese style rooms are called Washitsu.  Many homes include at least one traditional Japanese styled room, or washitsu. It features tatami flooring, shoji rather than draperies covering the window, fusuma (opaque sliding vertical partitions) separating it from the other rooms, an oshiire(closet) with two levels (for storing futon), and a wooden ceiling. Tatami are [...]

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The garden of traditional Japanese house

An important aspect of traditional design in the relationship of the house to its specific environment, particularly the garden; the two are continuous. The Japanese do not see the exterior and interior as two separate entities; In other words, there is no definite point at which exterior ends and interior begins. The lack of barriers [...]

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Materials and structure of traditional Japanese house

Apart from the use of wood, the apparently little consideration given earthquake protection in the structure itself is striking. Diagonal bracing, for example, is hardly ever seen in the walls or roof structure. Rigidly, however, is not the only way of protecting a structure against earthquakes. Wood is so flexible and can take more shear [...]

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Uniqueness of traditional Japanese house

The choice of wood and an open structure allows for flexibility in living arrangements according to seasonal changes and the needs of the family. Inner portions such as shoji and fusuma can be removed to open up the interior. The shoji is a light sliding door made of paper pasted on a rectangular wooden frame [...]

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Traditional Japanese house and natural environment

Traditional architecture: Traditional residential architecture in Japan is perhaps best viewed as a response to the natural environment. Traditional Japan was a primarily agricultural society, centering on the activities associated with rice planting. A feeling of cooperation developed between the Japanese and their surroundings. Instead of resistance or defense, accommodation and adaptation became the basic [...]

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What is traditional Japanese house ?

Traditional Japanese House: Japan is a country full of wonders. People around the world are attracted to Japan for its natural beauty and for the great quality of the work of Japanese people. The uniqueness of Japanese lifestyle and culture gets the attention of foreigners vastly. Japanese traditional houses are one of the attractions of [...]

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