Japan is a very beautiful country filled up with natural beauty. It’s located in the Pacific Ocean east of the Asian continent. Blessed with diverse natural beauty, most of the land is mountainous and there are many swift-flowing rivers. Separated from each other by mountains and the sea, Japan’s many regions over centuries developed their own characteristics dialects and customs. Japan has developed itself so amazingly that its environment gives a great pleasure to live in. The citizens of Japan lead a suitable life. Japan gives great opportunities and convenience for living to its nationals and also for its foreign guests. Japanese society is one of the most civilized and modern societies in the world. It is a great place for people who want to shine their life and make their ideas come true. Many people from around the world come to Japan for various purposes. Foreigners are coming to stay in Japan for study, business, job, tour etc. Japan is leading in the world in many fields especially in science and technology. Japanese universities are amongst the top ranked universities in the world. So students from many countries choose Japanese universities to complete their academic career. Since Japan started to expand their industrialization and modernization of their life style, a lot of business and work possibilities opened for the people. Economically, Japan is one of the most highly developed nations in the world. Japanese people know respect time very well. The value of time is priceless for them. The perfection of their work is well renowned. There are many fields of job to find in Japan. As everything runs in a systematic way, people finds easy to stay in Japan and live a decent life. The transportation system is highly developed, so it’s very convenient for everyone to move around in the country without any hustle.