Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. The development has been done by the hard work of the Japanese people. The unity among the people and the cooperation between them on their works is a good reason for the success. To have a civilized and well developed nation, a country must have well educated citizens. Japanese people are very much concern about the perfect education for their children. Japan has an excellent educational system. According to statistics, when the Japanese finish high school they are the best in the world in math and they are the best in art too. Before starting any work or project, first they make plan. Japanese people always do their work according to their plan. At the present time, Japan is the most technologically developed country. They are way ahead of many other top leading countries in automobile technology, in robotics, transportation, and in microelectronics. Japanese researchers and scientists are amongst the bests in the world. Their ideas and inventions are making a great change and development in the world. Japanese society, lifestyle, culture, education, business, work, all most all the sectors of their life runs in a great systematic way. To make an idea come true, it’s very important to make sure to have proper elements and proper environment. Time is a very precious thing of our life. Japanese people are very punctual. They always try to maintain the time table, which is one of their great virtues. Japanese are vey futuristic. All the time, Japanese researchers and scientists are working on to develop their society and to have a secured future life. When a company or an organization makes a decision for their work, they do it together by the ideas of their members. Working together as a unit to fulfill their plans, is a one of the main reasons of the success of Japan.