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Japanese style dining table and traditional Japanese house

In a Japanese style house you will see Japanese style dining table which are shorter than the usual tables. Those have shorter legs and chairs are not used. People sit on Tatami around the table. In the winter season, Japanese use a heated table called a kotatsu when they sit on tatami in the living [...]

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Tea ceremony and traditional Japanese house

Tea ceremony is a significant part of Japanese culture. It’s called Chanoyu, also called Chado or Sado. Chado literally means “the way of tea”. It’s a highly structured method of preparing powdered green tea in the company of guests. The tea ceremony incorporates the preparation and service of food as well as the study and [...]

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Sliding doors of traditional Japanese house

One common feature of Japanese traditional houses is that they have many sliding doors. In early times, they sometimes had dividing screens to partition large rooms. These partitions came to be fixed into the walls, but that caused inconvenience, so channel were made allowing the partitions to slide. This is the style seen in modern [...]

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The history of traditional Japanese house in Meiji era

In the Meiji era (1868-1912) housing system continued to develop. That time some houses were built in Kura-zukuri style featured Japanese looking exterior and had fire resistant materials. That style is the basis for Japanese homes today. So Japanese traditional houses are developing and still maintaining the great techniques which were learned from the history. [...]

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The history of traditional Japanese house

In Japan you can find houses both modern and traditional. At the present time the modification of the housing in Japan is really significant. Lifestyles in Japan changed dramatically after World War II, when large numbers of people moved from the countryside to the cities to make their livings as office workers. As cities grew [...]

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Haruki Murakami, Japanese famous novelist

Haruki Murakami is a modern Japanese writer and novelist. He is widely considered one of Japan’s most important 20th-century novelists. He was born in January 12, 1949 in Kyoto, Japan. Although, he was born in Kyoto, He spent his youth in Shukugawa, Ashiya, and Kobe. Since childhood, Haruki Murakami has been heavily influenced by western [...]

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Hong Kong and Japan

The relationship between Japan and Hong Kong has been started a long time ago. Hong Kong -Japan relation in their economic, political and cultural sectors are increasing. Japan is the third major trading partner and second major import partner for Hong Kong. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is the major export destination of Japanese [...]

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Let’s enjoy vacation in Japan

Japan is vigorously gaining in popularity as a tourist destination that is really accessible from any part of the world and with a sense of complete security. To see and enjoy many magnificent places, Japan is the place to be. Japan is a country that offers the tourist exotic beauty and marvelous attractions. People from [...]

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How to enjoy purchasing in Japan

That country which has got successful with its own strength and power, Japan is one of the bests from them. Their will power and their loyalty in the works they do are the reasons to get success. Japan is the manufacturer of many important products that the people of the world are using. Japan is [...]

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Real estate in Japan

The general process for finding a rental is to make an appointment with a real estate agency. A real estate agency acts as an intermediary between the renter and the apartment owner. When looking for a long term apartment in Japan, contacting with the agency is good but you can also look on the internet [...]

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