Kichijoji is a residential area and also a popular shopping area, located in the west side of Tokyo. It had gained the most votes for “most desired residential area” in 2004, and kept its place for 10 years.

Inokashira Park is a large park located a little south of the train station. It is a place for families, friends, and couples to relax and enjoy the greenery. There is a lake in the middle, making the park a natural habitat for fish and birds. There are food stalls, street performers, and sometimes people playing instruments for personal leisure. On weekends and on national holidays, the park holds a market, called the Art Market. You can buy handmade accessories, toys, pottery, and clothes at a cheap price.

Shopping is another main attraction of Kichijoji. The perimeter of the station has developed greatly, with shopping malls, well-known chain stores, unique cafés and restaurants, and boutique stores. The diversity of shops allows people of all ages to enjoy shopping.

Kichijoji is the perfect place to explore and find your favorite restaurant or café. Besides the chain stores that you see all over Tokyo, Kichijoji has plenty of individually owned stores. It is also known for having all kinds of international restaurants. You can either search the internet, or walk around on your own feet to find interesting places to eat at or simply hang out. At night after people finish their jobs, Kichijoji’s izakaya area becomes lively and busy. Izakaya are Japanese pubs, where people come to eat and drink. The izakaya pubs in Kichijoji are relatively small in size, and each differ regarding the type of food and drinks they provide. This is because most customers go bar-hopping. The shops are very close to each other, making it easier for customers to find the next izakaya.