Shibuya is one of the most important business districts in Japan, but is also a very popular place to go shopping, and is known for its street fashion. Shibuya fashion is popular among many teenagers and young adults. Their clothing is colorful and fun, but always incorporates the latest trends in fashion. Now, the unique style is more than a type of fashion, and has even become an inspiration for interior design. You can find colorful and unique kawaii restaurants all over Shibuya. These restaurants always serve interesting food. Some are shaped as cute animals, depending on the theme of the restaurant.

Shopping for clothes in the area is a great way to experience Japanese pop culture. Roaming around in shopping malls is one way to shop, but walking around the alleys is another. You can find artistic stores and popular thrift stores in these hidden alleys. Thrift stores will provide you with a large variety of kawaii clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes. Most people prefer buying at thrift stores more than well-known retailers, to find unusual items and express their originality.

You may have heard the name Hachi, the faithful dog that the 2009 movie, “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” starring Richard Gere, was based on. The true tale of Hachi and its owner grabbed the heart of Japan, and a statue was built in honor of their strong bond. The statue was placed in the square in front of Shibuya station, and is now a popular place to meet up. Next to the square is the famous Shibuya crossing. As the green light appears simultaneously on all four sides of the intersection, hundreds of pedestrians spill out on the crossing and head towards their destinations. When you are crossing the road yourself, you will find it hard to walk at your own pace, because of the amount of people and their fast walking. Despite the surprising amount of people walking in different directions and their fast paces, somehow they do not get bundled up in the middle of the road. Dodging other pedestrians and walking behind people makes this outrageous large-scale scramble possible.