Tokyo is made up of several cities, each having their own distinct features and famous spots to go sightseeing. Asakusa is a popular place where you can see historical sights, experience Japanese culture, and eat delicious Japanese food.

The famous temple, Sensou-ji, is a popular place to visit even for people living in Tokyo. There is an arcade that leads up to the front of the temple, lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and stalls. You can get Japanese snacks, matcha drinks, and buy gifts for you or your family and friends. With 89 shops in total, the arcade is 250 meters long, and is always packed with people.

Tokyo Sky Tree is a radio tower built in 2012. 634 meters tall, the tower has become one of the greatest landmarks of Tokyo. There are two viewing platforms, one at 350 meters, and the other at 450 meters. The platform goes around the tower, so you can catch a 360-degree view of Tokyo. At night, the tower lights up with colorful LED lights. Usually, the color of the LED lights is either blue or purple, but on special occasions, the color changes. For example, on Christmas the tower became green like a Christmas tree, and on Valentine’s Day, the tower became pink.

A green Tokyo Sky Tree

A green Tokyo Sky Tree

Asakusa is famous for its preservation of Japanese culture, including food. It is especially known for monjya-yaki. Monjya-yaki or monjya is a Japanese style batter combined with cut vegetables and meat or seafood. It is cooked on an A3 size hot pan, which is embedded into the customer’s table. The customer waits for the batter to cook, and eats directly from the hot pan with a small spatula, much like a teaspoon.

If you want to have a look around the area, but are afraid of getting lost or are tired of walking, using a jinriki-sha (rickshaw) is the perfect solution. You can find these two wheeled carts outside Sensou-ji. The cart is not pulled by a bicycle, but by a person. He or she will take 1 to 2 customers at a time, and give you a tour around the area. You can learn the history, culture, and famous areas in Asakusa by riding a jinriki-sha. The fee ranges from 3000 yen to 20,000 yen, depending on which course you choose and how many people are riding.