Sumo Culture in Japan

Sumo wrestling is one of the greatest and well-known Japanese cultures, that has been enjoyed by many generations. It is not clear when and where the national sport started; however, there are records of it from more than a thousand years ago. Many cultures around the world have similar wrestling-type sports, and Japanese sumo is one of [...]

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My Trip to Kyushu. Part 2

Miyazaki After relaxing and refreshing at Kurokawa Onsen, we resumed our journey through Kyushu and headed west to Miyazaki prefecture. My friend from college had grown up in Miyazaki, and told me about the Takachiho Canyon. We rented a canoe for 30 minutes, and enjoyed the view from the water. There were beautiful waterfalls, and looking at them [...]

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My Trip to Kyushu. Part 1

There are four main islands that form Japan. Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. I had the opportunity to visit Kyushu last year during this time of the year. The region, that is located below the main land (Honshu) of Japan, has a higher average temperature, and is rich in nature. My friend and I decided [...]

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Japanese Festivals: Kanda Matsuri

Kanda Matsuri, or Kanda Festival, is one of the three major festivals in Japan. Kanda is a region in Tokyo that prospered during the Edo era, which is also the period when the festival first started. The origins of Kanda Matsuri’s is not clear and specific, as there are no records in primary sources. However, [...]

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Earth Day 2016

Today, April 22, Friday, is Earth Day. On this day, events are held to enlighten people about environmental issues, and to let them be a part of an eco-friendly society. Last year during September, the United Nation member states announced the 17 goals for Sustainable Development. These goals encourage countries, organizations, companies, and society to [...]

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Places to Visit in Tokyo: Shinjuku

As the literal translation for Shinjuku implies, “the new lodge,” is always full of new innovative and interesting things to do, visit, and see. The numerous shopping malls and department stores always provide customers with the latest fashion, electronic devices, and other boutique items. The city is also a business district, with tall office buildings you can [...]

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Places to Visit in Tokyo: Shibuya

Shibuya is one of the most important business districts in Japan, but is also a very popular place to go shopping, and is known for its street fashion. Shibuya fashion is popular among many teenagers and young adults. Their clothing is colorful and fun, but always incorporates the latest trends in fashion. Now, the unique [...]

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Places to Visit in Tokyo: Kichijoji

Kichijoji is a residential area and also a popular shopping area, located in the west side of Tokyo. It had gained the most votes for “most desired residential area” in 2004, and kept its place for 10 years. Inokashira Park is a large park located a little south of the train station. It is a place [...]

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Places to Visit in Tokyo: Asakusa

Tokyo is made up of several cities, each having their own distinct features and famous spots to go sightseeing. Asakusa is a popular place where you can see historical sights, experience Japanese culture, and eat delicious Japanese food. The famous temple, Sensou-ji, is a popular place to visit even for people living in Tokyo. There [...]

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Tokyo Tower: A Symbol of Growth

Tokyo Tower is a radio tower that stands in Minato-ward, Tokyo. Since the construction after World War 2, the red tower became a new icon of Japan and of Tokyo city. In 1958, the 333 meter tower had been built, and its robust appearance soon became a symbol of the development and economic growth of the [...]

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