Eco-friendly Traditional Houses in Kyoto

Kyoto is known for its high temperature and humid summers. Today, people use air-conditioning to cool their homes and make it through the hot season of the year. However, needless to say, until the invention of air-conditioners, people had to stand the heat without the use of any electricity what-so-ever. One of their ways of [...]

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Going to Meiji Shrine

The famous shrine, Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu), is located in the heart of Tokyo. Right next to Harajuku station, is the grounds of the shrine. It spreads across 700 square kilometers, with grand trees, rivers, memorials, and of course the shrine buildings. The entrance is marked by a torii, a gate that is seen on [...]

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Yamaguchi prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan in the Chugoku region on Honshu Island. The capital is the city of Yamaguchi, in the center of the prefecture. With a population of around 200,000, Yamaguchi has an easy-going feel and is an ideal base for exploring the local area including the historic towns of Hagi, Tsuwano [...]

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