Tokyo Tower is a radio tower that stands in Minato-ward, Tokyo. Since the construction after World War 2, the red tower became a new icon of Japan and of Tokyo city. In 1958, the 333 meter tower had been built, and its robust appearance soon became a symbol of the development and economic growth of the country. Since then, millions of people have visited the landmark, and have enjoyed the view of Tokyo from the platform.

The tower lights up at night, producing a distinct orange glow. The illumination that the tower gives is now an important part of Tokyo’s night view. It is very romantic, and many restaurants and hotels offer a great view of the tower.

tokyo tower

Night view of Tokyo Tower

During the time that the state-of-the-art radio tower was being built, the 1964 Tokyo Olympics coming its way, and Japan was seeing tremendous improvement in its economy and society. It was called the period of high economic growth. People were excited with the modern technology and rapid development of infrastructure. And Tokyo Tower was the symbol of the excitement, hopes, and dreams.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

In 2012, a new taller radio tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, was built. People were concerned that Tokyo Tower might lose its symbolic importance. However, it is still loved and appreciated by Japanese people, and both towers have become significant landmarks and famous tourist attractions in Japan.