Japan has been successful in growing their economy rate very consistently. As Japan is selling their goods to international market flawlessly, people from around the world are buying Japanese products without any hesitation. The consumers want the best things to buy and Japanese companies provide the best quality products all the time. Japan is widely renowned for the quality of their customer service. Japanese customers have high expectations.

Japan’s natural resources are not sufficient, so they need to buy a lot of raw materials from other countries. Though Japan faces lack of natural resources of their country, but the way Japan is leading in manufacturing world class best products, is really amazing. So Japan is one of the best places to do business.

Foreign trade remains essential to the Japanese economy. Imports consist mostly of fuel, foodstuffs, industrial raw materials, and industrial machinery. Exports are varied, but manufactures now account for nearly the entire total. Cars represent a leading export product, with the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom as the main markets. The export of office machinery, scientific and optical equipment is also important. South Korea, China, and Taiwan are among the main buyers of Japan’s iron and steel, while plastic materials and fertilizers are shipped primarily to South Korea and the Southeast Asian countries, and woven fabrics are supplied to China, the United States, Hong Kong, and Sa’udi Arabia. Only a small fraction of Japan’s total exports (around 0.5%) consists of food items, mainly fish.

Manufactured products make up most of Japan’s commodity exports, and 15% of the world’s total manufactured exports. All over the world Japanese products are sold and people buy them as the first choice because of the good quality of the products. In the world market Japanese products are always on the top of the list to buy. So the buyers always keep high expectation and interest on buying Japanese goods.