That country which has got successful with its own strength and power, Japan is one of the bests from them. Their will power and their loyalty in the works they do are the reasons to get success. Japan is the manufacturer of many important products that the people of the world are using. Japan is leading in many sectors of manufacturing. Japanese companies are very well renowned worldwide because of their great quality of products. Although, there is scarcity of natural recourses in Japan but it couldn’t make the works slow. Japan imports raw materials and energy. Japanese companies produce mostly electronics, computers, cars, industrial machinery, camera, television etc. Exporting is one of the major parts of the growth of Japanese economy. Japanese auto mobile industries are one of the most important parts of purchasing. Japan is the world leader in the production and export of motorcycles. The biggest markets of Japan are United States, Europe, and Canada. Now South East Asia has become one of the biggest markets for Japan to sell their products. Japan also sells products like optical equipment, scientific equipments, office machinery which are important. Customers from around the world trust Japanese products without any doubt. Japan has been maintaining the quality of their work very consistently. That’s the main key to get the faith from the consumers. Many Japanese camera companies produces top ranked cameras in the world. Nikon, canon, fuji are very well renowned camera companies to the photographers worldwide. One of the most promising fields for future economic growth is robotics, in which Japanese technology leads the world. Buying things in Japan is quite easy and comfy. The super stores, convenient stores are very well organized and very convenient to shop from there. The other Japanese products which the buyers are eager to buy are foods, wines, cosmetics, manga books etc.