Avocados, also known as “the forest’s butter,” have a high fat content, and were not so popular with health enthusiasts. However, research recently showed that this particular fat actually enables body cells to efficiently absorb carotenoids, a type of antioxidant. Avocados contain some carotenoids themselves; however, not enough to bring about health benefits. Foods that do contain sufficient amounts are kale, carrots, and tomatoes to name a few. If avocado is consumed with these vegetables that are rich in carotenoids, the fat will help the body take in the nutrient, and will also transform it into active vitamin A.

Now that avocados are known as “super foods” or “miracle foods,” and of course because of their rich taste and texture, many restaurants in Japan are adding them on their menus for the avocado fans.

As a fan myself, I have ordered many avocado dishes and guacamole during the past couple of years. Here is a compilation of pictures of the food I ordered along with the name and location information of the restaurants.


Avocado burger

Avocado burger “Golden Brown” (Omotesando)


Avocado and salmon rice bowl

Avocado and salmon rice bowl “Kawara Cafe” (Shinjuku)



Guacamole “Kichiri” (Shinjuku)


Avocado taco-rice

Avocado taco-rice “Kijimuna” (Okinawa)


Madosh Cafe

Madosh Cafe” (Shibuya)

Avocado green curry

Avocado green curry

Avocado smoothie

Avocado smoothie on the right


Avocado risotto

Avocado risotto “Mexican Dining” (Shinjuku)