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Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan is a time for beautiful lights, good food, and romantic dates with loved ones. The iconic Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree shine special lights, and the city streets glow with bright LED decorations. Japan has quite a unique way of celebrating this religious festival. Most Japanese people are not Christian. However, it is [...]

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Avocados; Japan’s Current Craving Craze

Avocados, also known as "the forest's butter," have a high fat content, and were not so popular with health enthusiasts. However, research recently showed that this particular fat actually enables body cells to efficiently absorb carotenoids, a type of antioxidant. Avocados contain some carotenoids themselves; however, not enough to bring about health benefits. Foods that [...]

By |December 13th, 2016|Japanese Culture|

Nikko Toshogu

Recently, my friends and I went to Tochigi Prefecture to visit the volunteer group we used to belong to. On our way back, we visited Nikko Toshogu, a famous Shinto shrine in Tochigi. I had always wanted to go to this shrine as it is a World Heritage Site and is historically and culturally valuable. [...]

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Japanese University Experience

Japanese University Experience: Circles and Part-time Jobs University life in Tokyo is exciting, I have been a student at a university located in the center of Tokyo for three and a half years, and my journey so far has been full of new experiences and opportunities. My hometown is a three hour ride on a [...]

By |November 29th, 2016|Japanese Culture|

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is upon us here in Japan, and the relaxing ambience is one of the many reasons I love fall. In Japan, autumn is said to be the perfect time for reading, eating, and sports. I think it is also a great time for traveling. Japan has countless mountains which trees turn a vibrant red [...]

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Halloween in Japan

Zombie nurses and scary police officers roaming the busy streets of Shibuya. Disney princesses and anime characters taking pictures with one another long after sun down. This is the relatively new "Japanese-style" Halloween. Halloween was never celebrated in Japan like it is now. The holiday was never a significant annual event. However, more and more people started [...]

By |October 25th, 2016|Japanese Culture|

Japanese Autumn

Summer is gradually leaving the country as cool autumn breezes are blowing out the hot and humid air. Japanese autumn is a time for relaxing your body and mind from all the summer excitement. A common autumn event is sports day. October 10 is “Taiiku no Hi,” the national sports day. The opening of the [...]

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Greenery in the City

Tokyo is mostly covered in concrete, and therefore, the city is prone to the urban island heat effect, especially during the summer. An urban heat island (or UHI) is an urban or industrial area that is a few degrees warmer than areas that surround it. The heat is partly due to waste heat that is produced [...]

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A Sustainable Life: Learning from Edo

With countless environmental issues we face today, every country, company, and individual is trying to find ways to be eco-friendly and lead a sustainable life. I believe we should learn and get ideas from our ancestors. Before industrialization, they were able to live without mass production, disposable items, and durable plastic materials. The Edo era (1603 [...]

By |September 23rd, 2016|Japanese Culture, Traditional Japanese house|

Kakigori, Japanese Snow Cones

Snow cones are called kakigori in Japan. They are slightly different from the snow cones that you find in other countries. Hard, clear ice is shaved with a special machine so that the ice becomes soft and white. Kakigori is a popular snack for the summer, especially at summer festivals. You can even buy home [...]

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