Japan is a successful country which is standing high as a one of the top most advanced countries in the world. Japanese people have taken their society and lifestyle at a great height by their hard work. Japan offers a great convenience of living to its citizens and also for its visitors. People living in Japan can realize and feel how a country moves on at a fast speed. The government is very cooperative and supportive for the best of its people. So the progression on all the sectors of Japan is very positive. The education system is so much well planned. Students from many countries come to Japan to study. Especially the students of science and engineering choose Japan because Japan leads in those parts. Many people come to Japan in purpose of job and business. People with good skills on different works can have a good job with a decent salary here. Japanese people are always very serious and loyal about their work and business. The environment of Japan is very neat and clean. People are always very conscious about the cleanliness. The traffic and the transportation in Japan is so well organized and very advanced. The train is one of the most used rides. You can go almost any place in Japan by train. So it’s very convenient to move around. The traffic system is very strict. People always obey the traffic rules. The latest things which are available in the world, you can find them all easily in Japan. Japan is an awesome place to do shopping also. The superstores, malls in Japan are very convenient and enjoyable to shop from. Staying in Japan gives you an experience of living in a top civilized country. Japan is well known for its safe cities, but to understand just how safe it really is, you really have to visit the country.