Japan has absorbed many ideas from other countries over the course of its history, including technology, customs, and forms of cultural expressions, and has developed its unique culture while integrating these imports. The Japanese lifestyle today is a rich blend of Asian-influenced traditional culture and western-influenced modern culture. You will find a lot of diversity in the elements of Japanese culture. Japan possesses powerful and magnet like attractions, great cultural variety, colorful and inspiring natural attractions beautifully interwoven by distinct four seasonal changes, not to mention the overflowing hospitality of its people. As such, Japan is vigorously gaining in popularity as a tourist destination that is easily accessible from any part of the world. A destination one can enjoy with a sense of complete security. This is where the past literally greats the future. By selectively assimilating many cultural influences the country has successfully added rich new dimensions and depth to its indigenous culture. The marvelous harmony between the refinements of things and concepts “Oriental” blended with the leading-edge technology and the often ultramodern urban lifestyle you find in Japan is really a proof of a long and eloquent history. Japan abounds in rice and other crops from the field and it’s additionally blessed with gifts from the mountains and the sea. A bustling market is perfect place to discover the grand variety of exotic foods and ingredients that are on sale. Japanese works of art and crafts are characterized by delicacy and adherence to detail and renowned for refined beauty. The world’s oldest wooden structure is situated here in Japan. You will find a number of superb traditional structures around Japan, including those in the ancient capitals of Nara, Kyoto and Kamakura. Animation, manga cartoons, fashion, music, video games are already attracting the interest of numerous fans worldwide.