The relationship between Japan and Hong Kong has been started a long time ago. Hong Kong -Japan relation in their economic, political and cultural sectors are increasing. Japan is the third major trading partner and second major import partner for Hong Kong. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is the major export destination of Japanese agricultural products. This also further arouses interest in Hong Kong people in Japanese food culture which created lots of business opportunities to related Japanese corporate. Japanese people in Hong Kong are composed primarily of expatriate business people and their families and along with Hong Kong citizens of Japanese origin. There are over 1200 Japanese Corporate established their branches in Hong Kong. Regarding to the statistics in 2012 there are 23,136 Japanese expatriates. Until now, many Japanese citizens have been registered as residents of Hong Kong. After the World War 2, Japanese economy recovered and began to overcome. Japanese investments overseas grew, for that Japanese population living in Hong Kong increased. Between 1981 and 1999 the population of Japanese in Hong Kong increased a lot, almost tripled. In line with this increase, the number of Japanese companies also grew rapidly. Hong Kong is a popular destination for the Japanese tourists. Over 125.5 million Japanese settle their trips in Hong Kong while 48 million Hong Kong people are paying visit to the Japanese territories. The business relation between Japan and Hong Kong is very important for both countries. Japan sells the food products to Hong Kong, as well as other products also. Though issues and challenges exist between Japan and Hong Kong, in the broader perspective of the mutuality beneficial relationship, based on common strategic interest, between these two neighboring countries, Japan and Hong Kong are achieving mutual understanding and cooperate in works for development. As the relationship between Japan and Hong Kong is getting stronger, demand for human resources from each side will definitely surge in the near future.